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GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 1

Meet the Team


1A Class Teacher: Ms C Remunian

1A Teaching Assistant: Ms S Hallam

1A Learning Support Assistant: Ms S Heaphy


1B Class Teacher: Mr T Dunkerton

1B Teaching Assistant: Ms J Davis

1B Learning Support Assistant: Mr I  Weichardt


Our Learning this Term

Whole School Curriculum Map

Maths in Year 1

RE Topics 


How you can help your child


Year 1 Learning Zone


Area of learning


Word Wheels 2


A good site for learning about how a consonant blend can combine with a rime to produce a word. Suitable for high attaining Year 1 pupils and Year 2 pupils.

Three stories about Digby


A series of three multimedia stories. Children can hear a simple story as well as doing a number of simple activities.

Barnaby Bear


Two good stories for children about this well known character who spends his life visiting different places. The stories help to develop children’s understanding about how places differ.

The Magic Key


Five and six year olds will love these literacy games. Set around the Oxford Reading Tree characters, children can practise where the full stops and capital letters go and have fun too.

Number Jumbler


A BBC site designed for Year 2 pupils. A wide range of mathematical topics that children learn about in Year 2 are included.

ICT Games


A huge range of mathematical games that focus on supporting pupils’ understanding of different areas covered in the Key Stage 1 mathematics curriculum.


Energy Home


Do you know what energy is and what uses energy? Find out here by exploring the rooms in the house. A great site with audio and animations that are fun. The site also covers electrical safety and power generation.

Science clips


A series of animations covering elementary science for this age group (and others). Click on the 5 to 6 year old science clips section.

Contact the Class Teacher 


If you would like to make an appointment to see the class teacher please use this link to send them an email, putting their name in the subject line. 

Contact the class teacher


Year 1 Parent Council Reps

1A Parent Council Rep - Kara Heelan

1B Parent Council Rep -Vivienne Lovett