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GSO Test

What is my child learning in RE?

Autumn Term 1 2020 

This half term we have begun by looking at the Liturgical Year of the Church and recapping what we know about the Gospel writer Matthew - looking at who he was writing for and what he wanted them to know and understand about Jesus. 


We will then be moving on to naming and describing some of the items in the Church and then seeking to understand how we as people ARE the Body Of Christ - we ARE the Church. 


During the topic the children will explore how the Mass changed in the 1960s to include the people of the parish and hymns as well as understanding why the language of a Mass changed from Latin to the local language of the Church. 


Years one to three will also be looking closely at how we are welcomed to the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism and Years 4 to 6 will look at Baptism as well as Confirmation. They will learn about the words that are said during these Sacraments, the actions used as well as special objects. 


To help to develop a deeper connection between home and school, show interest in what your child is learning about in RE by asking them questions. What time of the Church year are we in now? What can you tell me about Matthew the Gospel writer? Which names of items in the Church do you know?