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Holy Cross Risk Assessment

Holy Cross Coronavirus Outbreak Management Plan 2021

Remote Education during COVID-19

All schools nationally have been asked to create a plan in regards to their provision of education for pupils who are unable to attend school as they are self-isolating (N.b. Children who are ill will not be expected to complete any learning tasks at home).

Click the link below to read the plans which Holy Cross have put in place for remote education:

Holy Cross Remote Education Plan 

Holy Cross Online Live Sessions guideline


Please keep up to date with government guidance at these links

Schools Coronavirus Operational Guidance


Public Health England

 Any information from the school to parents will be put in the table below and   will also be sent out within emails/text messages

Date Letter
04/03/2021 Letter: Returning to School from 8th March 2021
03/01/2021 Remote Learning: Online Session Guidelines 
03/01/2021 Letter: Remote Learning 
03/01/2021 Letter to Parents: Critical Worker and Vulnerable Children 
31/12/2020 Letter: Returning to School 
30/12/2020 Letter to Parents from Mrs Williams and Ms Macgonigal 
04/09/2020 Parent Communication: Returning to School Procedures
28/08/2020 Back to School Communication: Annex to the Behaviour Policy 
28/08/2020 Back to School Communication: FAQs for Parents 
28/08/2020 Back to School Parent Communication  
17/05/2020 Coronavirus Update from Mrs Williams and Ms Macgonigal
24/04/2020 Coronavirus Update from Mrs Williams and Ms Macgonigal
17/03/2020 Coronavirus Update from Mrs Williams and Ms Macgonigal
17/03/2020 Google Classroom Guide for Home Use
15/03/2020 Coronavirus Update Ms Macgonigal