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Pupils at Holy Cross are taught a wide range of strategies in order to help them read and write, including phonics.

Through a combination of individual phonics sessions, clear modelling and varied opportunities for practise, pupils have fun learning effective strategies to help them read and spell words. Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils are taught a 20 minute phonics lesson each day using the six phase ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. Pupils also learn actions and songs linked to the Jolly Phonics Programme.

In each lesson pupils will:
·    Review their previous learning
·    Are taught a new phonics skill 
·    Practise their new skill
·    Apply this skill in reading and writing 

At the end of Year 1, pupils take part in a national phonics screening check; the results of which are shared with parents. Any pupils who do not reach the expected level by the end of Year 1 receive targeted support and are reassessed formally at the end of Year 2.

Please find below the attachments from our most recent Phonics Workshop for Parents:
Parents Phonics Workshop 8th May 2015 - Samantha O'Brien (Senior Assistant Head)
Some tips for reading at home 
100 HFW (High Frequency Words)
200 next HFW (High Frequency Words)
DfE Phonics Handout 'Learning to read through Phonics'
The English Alphabetic Code
Here are also some useful websites for supporting Phonics at Home: 

• Games and activities
• Pinterest ideas
• Phonics Play
• Inclusive resources
• ICT phonics games
• Jolly Phonics You Tube videos
• Videos for diagraphs and short phonic stories
• Very useful information to further understanding of Phonics
• Videos to support the teaching of Phonics

In our most recent meeting, parents asked if there were any links to iPad/iPhone apps that were useful in supporting phonics...here are just a few we found: 


Other useful educational / learning apps can be found by clicking this link: