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Year 2

Meet the Team  

2A Class Teacher: Mr E Thomason

2B Class Teacher: Ms C Flindall 

2A Teaching Assistant: Ms A Smith

2B LSA: Ms N Yazidi


Our Learning this Term

Topic - Scented Garden

KS1 Curriculum Map

Maths in Year 2

RE Topics


How you can help your child

 Year 2 Learning Zone


Area of learning 


BBC Bitesize

English - spelling

A great site for learning about phonics, rhyming words and punctuation through interactive, fun games. 

BBC Bitesize

English -  writing

Animated video clips where children can learn about nouns, adjectives, verbs, tenses and punctuation and how to use them correctly when writing sentences. 


BBC Bitesize


A wonderful site packed full of fun and interactive games to practice times tables, ordering numbers, time, money and place value. 



A great site to go to for interactive activities and games which link to all areas of the maths curriculum. 


BBC Bitesize


A fantastic site to go to learn about and put into practice your scientific knowledge about all areas of the KS1 science curriculum. 


Contact the Class Teacher

If you would like to make an appointment to see your child's class teacher please use this link to send them an email, putting their name in the subject line.

Contact the Class Teacher 


Year 2 Parent Council Reps and Friends of Holy Cross

 2A Parent Council Rep - Ms K Mjomark 

2A Friend of Holy Cross - Ms K Mjomark


2B Parent Council Rep - Ms C Jordan

2B Friends of Holy Cross - Ms F Alecce, Ms S Fernandez and Ms A Abelova